Terms & Conditions

Sample and Quotas

  • Incidence rate is based on proportion of general population and is the final product of all quotas and screening criteria
  • Over-sample rate set at agency’s discretion, to deliver required final base size
  • Quotas above 20% will be achieved +/- 10% (e.g. 50:50 target, 40:60 is acceptable)
  • Quotas 20% or less will be achieved +/- 5% (e.g. 15:85 target, 10:90 is acceptable)


  • Costs assume screener questionnaire is maximum 5 minutes

Product Trial Tools

Product preparation

  • Costs assume Prep level is low-medium: Product can be prepared in max 3 minutes and does not require advanced prep
  • Costs include product code labeling but exclude product sourcing, re-labeling and re-branding.

Kitchen / food prep facilities

  • Costs exclude fridges, freezers or cooking equipment and temperature-controlled storage

Product logistics

  • Product to be delivered direct to agency (one location)
  • Product returns or destruction are excluded.
  • Any product photography required is limited to a single picture of the products being tested for reference


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