Usage & Attitude Research

Target Consumer and Audience Research

Gain fast and focused insight into your target audience.

Gauge accurate in-market performance of your brand and prioritize focus for new workstreams.

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Collect evidence to underpin your business strategy and guide decision making, rapidly.

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Understand your category or market holistically, while identifying areas of future interest to prioritize opportunities.

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Track consumer attitudes and behaviours over time to ensure your offering is still relevant.

Tools we use

Need focus and direction for your brand strategy, innovation pipeline and messaging? SitU&Ation gives you the full flexibility to ask your burning questions and find out what your target audience really think.

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Building on our extensive experience in U&As and category knowledge, sitU&Ation gives you a fully bespoke survey on any subject. Ideal when you need a quick answer on a specific topic, with the flexibility to deliver insights without compromise.

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