Range Explorer

Range Explorer

When it comes to understanding your range, you need total clarity. A TURF often doesn't provide this and a full conjoint requires higher budgets and longer timescales. Range Explorer bridges this gap - identifying your optimal range and realistically showing which will maximize appeal, providing clarity on where you will steal from and how each of your SKUs are contributing.

When to use it

  • To identify your optimal range to maximize sales
  • To understand sourcing and incrementality, informing your listing arguments with retailers
  • To clarify priority order of range components


TURF is typically poor at effectively discriminating between different range options, often giving an inflated impression of likely purchasing and assuming that respondents will buy all products that they show an interest in.

Range Explorer acknowledges that category purchasing is finite, only counting purchase intent where it would displace, highlighting which products you will steal from and how frequency of purchase will be impacted – something TURF cannot do. This means Range Explorer provides more meaningful differences between range options by exploring trade off. The best part? This extra insight and accuracy of prediction is still delivered at a competitive price and to a tight timescale, so you get better insight for a similar price to a TURF.

What You Get

  • Reach & frequency of your range (current or new) extensions across multiple scenarios
  • Expected source of steal and share of range for each variant
  • Choice-based hierarchy of purchase interest to supplement learnings

    For each variant/option:
  • - Overall Opinion/Purchase Intent 
  • - New & different
  • - Agreement statements
  • - Sensory expectations
  • - Fit to brand
  • Analyzed report with recommendations and summary from research experts
  • Debrief call

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