Range Explorer

A powerful approach to maximize the potential of your product range.

Bridging the gap between the basic industry standard TURF Analysis, and a full conjoint exercise that requires higher budgets and longer timescales.

Range Explorer identifies the optimal product range line up (new and existing ideas) to maximize consumer appeal. Importantly, it also provides clarity on where you will steal from, and how each of your product SKUs contribute to overall performance.



Method Process

Range Explorer is used to measure incrementality for your brand or category, providing compelling evidence to inform your range decisions – and importantly – support listing recommendations with retailers.

Key outputs include:

  • Reach & frequency of your range (current or new) extensions across multiple scenarios
  • Expected source of steal and share of range for each variant
  • Overall hierarchy of purchase interest to supplement learnings

You will also receive detailed feedback on each variant / concept assessed as part of the ranging exercise. Including:

  • Performance of Key measures – potential and cut through
  • Sensory expectations and equities communicated (emotional and functional) and resulting fit with brand where relevant
Range Explorer Output

TURF Analysis is typically poor at discriminating between different range options, often giving an inflated impression of likely purchasing and assuming that respondents will buy all products they show an interest in.

Range Explorer acknowledges that category purchasing is finite, only counting purchase intent where it would displace, highlighting which products you will steal from and how frequency of purchase will be impacted – something TURF Analysis cannot do. This means Express Range Explorer provides more meaningful differences between range options by exploring trade-off.

The best part? This extra consumer insight and accuracy of prediction is still delivered at a competitive price and to a tight timescale, so you get better insight for a similar price to a TURF Analysis.

Range Explorer Benefits

We balance speedy automation with expert research knowledge. The result? A slick approach that is optimized for your objectives and category, with recommendations that facilitate action.

If you’re looking for the nuts and bolts:

  • Incomplete sequential monadic design, with 75 or 150 in-depth reads per variant
  • Flexible sample (10% incidence rate and above)
  • Online consumer panel recruitment and survey for speed and cost efficiencies
  • Up to 20 variants (current + NPD) – 4 analysis scenarios
Range Explorer Method Process

Investment from:

incidence rate
£6500 | $9200 | €7500
incidence rate
£7000 | $9900 | €8100
incidence rate
£9500 | $13450 | €11000

Optional extras at cost include:

  • Extra MaxDiff exercise - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • 3 extra ‘simple’ questions (e.g. statements, attributes) - £500 | $705 | €580
  • Upfront context setting (purchase intent, profiling) = £500 | $705 | €580
  • Additional analysis: extensions scenario = £500 | $705 | €580
  • Additional analysis: replacement scenario = £750 | $1050 | €870
  • Additional analysis: ‘new’ scenario = £1250 | $1750 | €1450
  • Subgroup analysis - £450 | $635 | €525 per subgroup

Express is taking on the new, automated research platform competition head first, delivering top class reporting with strong insights at sharp price and timing.

Senior Insights Manager, Tropicana

Our work speaks for itself.

Find out how Range Explorer has helped some of the biggest FMCG and CPG brands globally to identify their optimal product range.


Quorn reached out to MMR Express to help build and optimize their innovation pipeline, shaping the launch of the ‘Quorn Makes Amazing!’ sub-brand.

Quorn makes turkish

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