Sensory Opportunity Mapping

Sensory Opportunity Mapping

Sensory research from our expert panels allows you to map the sensory space of a category by illuminating key similarities and differences of up to 20 products

When to use it

  • Identifying opportunities presented by gaps in the sensory space of your category, for you to innovate towards
  • Providing a sensory landscape of your category from the products within it
  • Advising which prototypes should proceed into further testing
  • Summarizing which features are driving product characteristics


Gain an holistic view of the sensory space and where your product currently sits within this. Through identification of gaps in this space, classify opportunities in the category for you to innovate towards and own your point of difference.

What You Get

We will deliver:

  • Sensory mapping of up to 20 products
  • Vocabulary of attributes: defining key sensory characteristics across the product set
  • Expert advice for which products should proceed to further testing
  • Proficient summaries of which features are driving essential product characteristics

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