Opportunity Mapper

Opportunity Mapper

Opportunity Mapper inspires your product range innovation, by revealing sensory gaps in your category for you to innovate towards - before your competitors do!

When to use it

  • As an early stage in your innovation process to provide understanding of the sensory landscape and the areas in which to innovate
  • When you are looking for innovation inspiration to bring incremental or innovative products to your category and range


Rapid and cost-effective understanding of your category landscape to clearly identify growth opportunities, giving you a clear road map so you can innovate with confidence.

What You Get

We will deliver:

  • Analysis of up to 30 products by one of our global expert sensory panels
  • A sensory map that identifies the innovation opportunities with clear instruction and consultancy on the product characteristics required to a meet that opportunity
  • Analyzed report with recommendations and summary
  • A collaborative online workshop to bring the opportunities to life

Ready to Start?

Results in 2 weeks
Quotes available upon request
Available at our global sensory locations