Product Basic

Product Basic

Fast-tracked product analysis with focused central location testing (CLT). Ideal for product screening and understanding consumer response.

When to use it

  • Product benchmarking
  • Consumer response to formulation changes 
  • Screening down product prototypes
  • Final stage validation
  • Checking readiness for simulated test markets


Fast-tracked product analysis utilizing focused central location testing (in-home available upon request). Ideal for quick product assessment, prototype screening, head-to-head benchmarking and understanding consumer responses to formulation changes versus current or competitors.

What You Get

We will deliver:

  • Key purchase intent/likelihood scores 
  • Prioritization of products with potential for success
  • Option to include a positioning concept and fit to expectations/brand
  • Attribute diagnostic ratings
  • Open-ended spontaneous comments (likes and dislikes) listed for each product in the test
  • Summary and recommendations
  • Analyzed debrief report
  • Debrief call

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