Sensory Snapshot

Use the power of sensory FMCG research to enhance understanding of consumer reactions, and maximize return on investment at later stages of product development.

Sensory Snapshot is a fast, agile and affordable route to objective expert sensory feedback on your latest product or pack development, in the context of key competitors & product benchmarks.

Its applications are flexible, but it's most powerful to add depth and understanding to consumer reactions, or your product set, prior to consumer testing.



Method Process

Our expert sensory research team will work closely with you to determine the landscape for exploration.

You’ll get:

  • Key product differences
    • With recommendations from a subset of products to progress to consumer research if applicable
    • Highlighting key attributes with potential to drive consumer reactions
  • Video summaries from MMR’s expert sensory team
Sensory Snapshot Output

This is a fast and affordable route to objective expert sensory feedback. It’s applications are flexible, but it’s most powerful when you need to:

  • Get additional sensory insight when consumers rate products differently in terms of appeal, but diagnostics struggle to pinpoint the drivers (e.g. polarization or unexpected notes in flavor delivery)
  • Independent assessments of proposed product changes and optimization will ensure prototypes taken forward to consumer testing are sufficiently differentiated

This solution harnesses the power of our expert sensory panels in a fast-paced and budget-friendly approach, for maximum efficiency and impact

Sensory Snapshot Benefits

If you’re looking for the nuts and bolts:

  • You’ll agree product selection and objectives upfront with our expert sensory research team
  • Our global sensory experts will analyze up to 6 products through roundtable analysis
  • We’ll deliver an analyzed report with rapid sensory comparisons, to provide clear recommendations and summary
  • We’ll host a collaborative online workshop to bring the opportunities to life
Sensory Snapshot Method Process

Investment from £2500 | $4000 | €3000

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