Sensory Diagnostics

Define & quantify the key sensory differences between FMCG products.

Discover the key sensory differences between your products through expert assessments.

Focusing on a specific sensory characteristic (e.g. taste or texture) compare and contrast products to determine the exact parameters and extent of differences in your product set.



Method Process

Our expert sensory research team will work closely with you to determine the landscape for exploration.

You’ll get:

  • Sensory vocabulary: definitions (with references) of the characteristics of up to 6 products or prototypes
  • Product ‘thumbprints’: highlighting key product attribute differences in the sample set for a key modality
  • Summary comparisons by MMR’s expert in-house sensory team
Sensory Diagnostics Output

You’ll be able to confidently identify differences between products within a specific sensory modality, as well as keep track of your competition. You can also use this approach to refine product executions across similar variants to boost differentiation and advantage.

This solution harnesses the power of our expert sensory panels in a fast-paced and budget-friendly approach, for maximum efficiency and impact.

Sensory Diagnostics Benefits

If you’re looking for the nuts and bolts:

  • You’ll agree product selection and objectives upfront with our expert sensory research team
  • Our global sensory experts will assess, score and quantify attributes for up to 6 products for a single modality
  • We’ll deliver an analyzed report with recommendations and summary
  • We’ll host a collaborative online workshop to bring the opportunities to life
Sensory Diagnostics Method Process

Investment from £7200 | $12500 | €8350

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