Product Accelerator

This is our co-creative approach to fast-tracked product development.

It delivers qualitative and quantitative product analysis and facilitates focused next steps in one dynamic tool.

We’ll work with your target audience to gain robust product feedback and deep dive into optimization opportunities using our interactive results dashboard – identifying key consumers for targeted qualitative interviews.



Method Process

Product Accelerator builds on our Product Basic approach, but enhances the quantitative product analysis with in-depth consumer interviews and focus groups. You get all the outputs you’d expect from a quantitative prototype screening or product benchmarking approach.

Why is this approach so powerful? Because we select key consumers for follow-up qualitative interviews based on their reactions to products. This allows us to dig deeper and explore specific feedback, generating even deeper optimization guidance and product insight.

Product Accelerator Output

Our clients love being involved in these sessions – engaging with consumers and taking part in a same-day workshop to agree next steps.

Fast, well-rounded consumer feedback provides full clarity – arming your team with everything they need to move forward with complete confidence and clarity. All in a single, collaborative day of research.

Product Accelerator Benefits

We approach Express product research with the same precision and planning as we do to our full service product testing approaches. But by standardizing this approach, we can make use of speedy automation and machine power to fuel agility.

If you’re looking for the nuts and bolts:

  • Sequential monadic evaluation with 50 or 100 target consumers
  • Flexible sample (10% incidence rate and above)
  • F2F recruitment, Hall Test
  • Up to 6 products per session
  • Follow-up in-depth consumer interviews throughout the day
  • 2 research focus groups
  • Access to our MMR Connect interactive results dashboard, allowing for live monitoring of data and pinpointing consumers with specific options for follow-ups
  • Analyzed report with recommendations, summary and a debrief call

MMR can support with sourcing if required.

Product Accelerator Method Process

Investment from:

incidence rate
£13350 | $18850 | €15550
incidence rate
£13400 | $18950 | €15600
incidence rate
£14750 | $20850 | €17200

Optional extras at cost include:

  • 3 extra ‘simple’ questions (e.g. statements, attributes) - £500 | $705 | €580
  • Competitive pricing analysis - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • Subgroup analysis: £450 | $635 | €525 per subgroup
  • Product sourcing: dependent on brief

Express is the agile research platform i've been looking for to provide a smart and efficient way to get clear and actionable results. Delivering speed, flexibility and expertise, the team listen to and work with you as a real partner.

Sensory and Consumer Science Manager, Barilla

Our work speaks for itself.

Find out how Product Accelerator has helped some of the biggest FMCG and CPG brands globally to supercharge their product development.

Heinz Ketchup


Quero Mayonnaise

Heinz was looking to understand how their famous ketchup performed against 2 key competitors in Brazil.

Miguel andrade R3f2em Ot1b U unsplash

Bulles de Fruit were facing rising competition, so they wanted to understand their success levels from a consumer perspective, and uncover how consumers understand and use their products.

Sven n90 TWXJN4 Uk unsplash

Brand owner Heinz wanted to gain a clear understanding of how their Quero Mayonnaise product performed against 2 competitors.

Mayonnaise dip hands hero

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