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Our quantitative, qualitative and sensory-led product testing solutions are designed to make sure your product delivers a winning consumer experience.

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Rapid feedback from target consumers

Tools we use

Rapid product testing with powerful consumer insight and innovative AI solutions. Our selection of product development tools fast track your innovation journey, giving you vital product insight and setting you up to develop better, more successful innovation.

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Product Basic

Fast-tracked and focused product analysis. Product Basic is ideal for rapid product assessment, prototype screening, head-to-head benchmarking and understanding how consumers may respond to product formulation changes.

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Product Accelerator

Achieve full clarity for next steps with a blend of quantitative and qualitative product testing to provide rapid, detailed feedback of your product. This co-creative approach fast tracks product development, delivering the vital consumer insight that you need to progress.

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Sensory Diagnostics

Sensory Diagnostics enables us to identify differences between products within a specific sensory modality (e.g. taste or texture). Our sensory research experts define the key sensory attributes of your product or category and provide expert commentary. We can compare and contrast up to 6 products or prototypes.

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Sensory Snapshot

Looking for a holistic view of the sensory space around your product or category? Utilize the power of sensory research early on in the process, to save time and money on more expansive later project stages. We'll give guidance on the optimal product set and will only test prototypes that are sufficiently different to ensure you get the most useful results.

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