Ideas Screener

Clearly and decisively prioritize your strongest early stage new product development ideas.

We’ll identify the ideas with greatest potential for success, making sure they’re aligned with your strategic product innovation aims and relevant to your target audience.

This rapid screening tool will fast track your innovation process and drive confidence throughout your product development journey.



Method Process

Innovation objectives differ, and we reflect this nuance with this solution. We’ll prioritize tried and tested success criteria to ensure we progress ideas that deliver your strategic aims.

With an element of flex to tailor to your needs, you can be sure of:

  • Robust ranking across all ideas
  • Key measure performance for potential and cut through
  • Optimization guidance for each idea
  • Delivery of brand equities (emotive positioning and functional benefits)
  • Optional: fit with overarching concept positioning
Image Screener Output

We tap into intuitive consumer reactions, as well as more considered responses. So you’ll be sure of which ideas are best aligned to your desired product positioning and which guarantee success with your target audience.

Valuable consumer insights and engagement gained from ideation sessions gives confidence and focus for ongoing product development, ensuring only the ideas with greatest potential receive further investment. Cost and time efficiencies mean you can move forward at pace.

This idea screening approach can be effectively applied to product benefits or product promotions too.

Image Screener Benefits

We balance speedy automation with expert research knowledge. The result? A slick approach that is optimized for your objectives and category, with recommendations which facilitate action.

If you’re in to the details:

  • Incomplete sequential monadic design, with 75 in-depth reads per variant (with complete design element for ranking exercise, to facilitate subgroup reads)
  • Flexible sample (10% incidence rate and above)
  • Online consumer panel recruitment and survey for speed and cost efficiencies
  • Up to 30 variants
  • Analyzed report with recommendations, summary and a debrief call
Image Screener Method Process

Investment from:

incidence rate
£3000 | $4200 | €3450
incidence rate
£4000 | $5650 | €4600
incidence rate
£5200 | $7350 | €6000

Optional extras at cost include:

  • Extra MaxDiff exercise - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • TURF Analysis - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • 3 extra ‘simple’ questions (e.g. statements, attributes) - £500 | $705 | €580
  • Competitive pricing analysis - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • Subgroup analysis - £450 | $635 | €525 per subgroup
  • Qualitative VoxPops - from £3000 | $4230 | €3500

Our work speaks for itself.

Find out how Ideas Screener has helped some of the biggest FMCG and CPG brands globally to prioritize product and brand ideas.

Chicago Town

Chicago Town wanted to explore a number of new innovation ideas for the brand, to scope out their potential and ensure fit to brand positioning.

Chicago town pizza slice

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