Concept Testing & Optimization

Screen and identify strongest concepts

Co-create, screen, evaluate and validate innovation concepts with consumers.

Confidently screen concepts in the early stages of your product development journey using carefully selected criteria. We provide you with in depth market research analysis to help you make the right decisions.

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Identify your strongest concepts

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Maximize fit with desired brand positioning

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Quantitative and qualitative approaches with crystal clear next steps.

Tools we use

Our complete range of concept testing tools have been built to support your FMCG & CPG concept development.

From consumer co-creation, to concept screening and validation - whatever your concept testing challenge, we've got the tool to help you move forward with pace and confidence.

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Concept Screener

Concept Screener allows you to prioritize your strongest early stage FMCG or CPG concepts. It also identifies which concepts offer the most potential to engage your target audience - setting you up for success on your NPD development journey.

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Concept Validator

Concept Validator identifies which concepts have the strongest potential to delight target consumers. With in-depth analysis and insight from consumers and research experts, you'll have the clarity to move forward with confidence.

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Concept Accelerator

Concept Accelerator is the perfect end-to-end tool for concept development. Using a blend of quant and qual, you can skip multiple stages of concept development and testing and receive validated concepts, optimized with consumer insight, all in one project.

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Names & Flavors Screener

This tool prioritizes your strongest performing product names and flavors. Gain confidence and direction on where the greatest potential for NPD & innovation success lies, while ensuring names & flavors are aligned with your brand positioning and motivating to your target audience.

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