Concept Testing

Concept Testing

These tools are designed to help with early stage concept testing. Providing you with a complete range of solutions to assist you with your FMCG & CPG market research and concept development.

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Concept Selector

Confidently screen concepts in the early stages of your product development. Using carefully selected criteria, we provide you with in depth market research analysis to help you make the right decisions.

Ideas Screener

Prioritize your strongest early stage ideas – clearly and decisively. Identify the best idea for your product positioning to guarantee success with your target audience.

Concept Accelerator

Our co-creative online Accelerator tools help clients pull qualitative and quantitative insights together, allowing the scale to make confident decisions. Utilizing video feedback and quantitative validation, we optimize, refine and clarify your content ensuring insight is grounded - allowing you to get it right first time.

Concept Evaluator

Our most comprehensive assessment to identify and optimize your concept(s). You'll receive in depth market research analysis gained from your target audience, helping you identify your strongest concept.