Claims Screener

Clearly and decisively prioritize your strongest product claims.

Identify those with greatest potential for success. Maximize fit with desired brand positioning to drive competitive edge. And ensure relevance to your target audience.

Gain the confidence to focus claim development or claim substantiation spend on those with the biggest potential to drive cut through and influence.



Method Process

MMR has comprehensive experience and capabilities when it comes to developing winning claims.
We have developed Express Claims Screener to allow you to move forward at pace with consumer insight to prioritize direction.

With the flex to tailor to your needs, you can be sure of:

  • Robust ranking across all claims
  • Key measure performance for potential, cut through and advantage
  • Believability with open ended probing of reasons for disbelief
  • Delivery of brand equities (emotive positioning and functional benefits)
Claims Screener Output

We tap into intuitive consumer reactions, as well as more considered responses. So you’ll be sure of which claims guarantee success with your target audience, and which are best aligned to your desired brand or product positioning.

This solution allows you to identify and optimize the best product claims and screen out the rest, so you can move forward with complete confidence. Our holistic claims assessment ensures you’re not only taking forward the most motivating claims, but those that are right for your brand.

Choice based questioning delivers a clear hierarchy of performance, while also tapping into gut reaction and avoiding over rationalization.

Claims Screener Benefits

We balance speedy automation with expert research knowledge. The result? A slick approach that is optimized for your objectives and category, with recommendations that facilitate action.

If you’re looking for the nuts and bolts:

  • Incomplete sequential monadic design, with 75 in-depth reads per claim (with complete design element for ranking exercise to facilitate subgroup reads)
  • Flexible sample (10% incidence rate and above)
  • Online consumer panel recruitment and survey for speed and cost efficiencies
  • Typically suitable for up to 30 claims
  • Analyzed report with recommendations, summary and a debrief call
Claims Screener Method Process

Investment from:

incidence rate
£3000 | $4200 | €3450
incidence rate
£4000 | $5600 | €4600
incidence rate
£5000 | $7000 | €5800

Optional extras at cost include:

  • Extra MaxDiff exercise - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • TURF Analysis - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • 3 extra ‘simple’ questions (e.g. statements, attributes) - £500 | $705 | €580
  • Competitive pricing analysis - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • Subgroup analysis - £450 | $635 | €525 per subgroup
  • Qualitative VoxPops - from £3000 | $4230 | €3500

Our work speaks for itself.

Find out how Claims Screener has helped some of the biggest FMCG and CPG brands globally to screen down product claims with speed and confidence.

Almond Brezze


Almond Breeze were looking to identify the strongest brand positioning and most motivating product claims in order to expand their brand of milk alternatives.

Almonds on plate

The brand team at Nando's was looking to make their hot sauce and mayonnaise pack designs consistent across multiple markets, without creating barriers to purchase.

Nandos peri peri sauce vusa

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