Claims Accelerator

Co-create motivating, clear and inspiring claims that resonate with your target audience.

This clever solution harnesses machine learning to refine and quantify consumer reactions to claims, so you can build the strongest possible messaging.

Identify the most motivating elements and establish the optimal way to communicate product and brand benefits to consumers, all in one seamless approach.



Method Process

Claims Accelerator facilitates rapid development and optimization of product claims with consumers at the heart of the process.

It provides:

  • Exploratory video feedback from qualitative respondents, validated through the robustness of quantitative scoring
  • Immediate, instinctive responses to each product claim to understand subconscious feedback from consumers
  • Clear hierarchy of optimization recommendations based on consumer feedback and strength of consensus
  • Optimal alternative wording provided, based on consumer feedback
Claims Accelerator Output

Develop and optimize clear and motivating claims based on feedback from your target audience.

Video-based qualitative exploration of claim elements is included to tease out optimization insight, scaled using quant to understand which claims are most appealing to the largest number of your target consumers.

Gain the confidence to create strong product claims which drive greater consumer connection.

Save money on subsequent claims screening stages by only taking the strongest propositions forward.

Claims Accelerator Benefits

Claims Accelerator collects qualitative video responses to deep dive into believability and advantage. Using machine learning, these concepts are presented to a quantitative sample who rank them – providing a robust hierarchy of reactions in consumers’ own words.

If you’re looking for the nuts and bolts:

  • Sequential monadic design
  • Flexible sample (20% incidence rate and above)
  • Online consumer panel recruitment and survey for speed and cost efficiencies
  • Qualitative and quantitative consumers
  • Up to 6 claim territories can be assessed
  • Following fieldwork, the completed project will be available in the form of a PowerPoint report and video show reel, accessible at any time via our online portal
  • Optional: Online workshop session to refine wording collaboratively
Claims Accelerator Method Process

Investment from:

incidence rate
£7950 | $11250 | €9250
incidence rate
£8550 | $12150 | €9950
incidence rate
£9650 | $13400 | €11200

Optional extras at cost include:

  • Extra MaxDiff exercise - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • TURF Analysis - £750 | $1050 | €870
  • 3 extra ‘simple’ questions (e.g. statements, attributes) - £500 | $705 | €580

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