Names & Flavors Screener

Names & Flavors Screener

Prioritize your strongest names and flavors – clearly and decisively. Move forward with purpose and confidence

When to use it

  • Screen and prioritize your name and flavor options
  • Maximize fit with desired brand positioning
  • Provide development focus to maximize relevance to consumer need states


Identify and optimize your best names while screening out the rest, allowing you to move forward with complete confidence.

Ensuring you proceed with the most compelling product names, flavors or varieties.
Narrow down all potential options whilst gaining information on required optimization to guarantee fit to brand and success moving forward.

Choice based methods ensure that a clear winner is identified.

What You Get

We will deliver:

  • Clear rank order of names, flavors or varieties
  • Key measures: including Purchase Intent and Uniqueness
  • Fit to brand: emotional & functional profiling
  • Believability scores – open ended probing of reasons for disbelief of an idea
  • Agreement with flexible product benefit statements
  • Analyzed report with recommendations and summary
  • Debrief call

Ready To Start?

Results from 24 hours
Prices from £2,300 €2,670 $3,000
Available globally