OmniPlus is fast paced audience research. Giving you the option to choose up to 12 questions of any type, on any FMCG or CPG subject – allowing you to understand the usage and attitudes of your target audience.

When to use it

When you need a simple U&A understanding of a competitive set


Fast, flexible surveys with consumers from your target audience to answer any subject, with quick results. Rapidly understand the need for further research across a host of criteria within the research space

What You Get

We will deliver:

  • Succinct answers to 12 custom questions
  • Full PowerPoint report, documenting key insights with the support of data tables
  • Complete flexibility across timings
  • Demographic breakdown
  • Analyzed report with recommendations and summary
  • Debrief call

Ready To Start?

Results from 24 hours
Prices available upon request
Available globally