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The MMR Express toolkit provides a complete range of market research and FMCG / CPG development solutions. If you need guidance, or would like more information on any of our market research tools, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Concept Selector

Confidently screen concepts in the early stages of your product development. Using carefully selected criteria, we provide you with in depth market research analysis to help you make the right decisions.

Product Basic

Fast-tracked product analysis with focused central location testing (CLT). Ideal for product screening and understanding consumer response.

Product Accelerator

Our co-creative approach to fast track product development. Using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research. we deliver vital consumer insight from your target audience within tight timelines and budgets.

Sensory Diagnostics

Using sensory research, we define the key sensory attributes of your products or category. Get expert commentary on specifics not easily articulated by consumers.
Compare and contrast up to 6 products or prototypes by focusing on differences.

Opportunity Mapper

Opportunity Mapper inspires your product range innovation, by revealing sensory gaps in your category for you to innovate towards - before your competitors do!

Sensory Snapshot

Utilise the power of sensory research to save time and money on more expansive later project stages. We'll ensure that your product set is optimal and only test prototypes that are sufficiently different to reap useful results.


Identify your winning product packaging designs and screen out the rest – saving money and time on your packaging development journey.

Ideas Screener

Prioritize your strongest early stage ideas – clearly and decisively. Identify the best idea for your product positioning to guarantee success with your target audience.

Names & Flavors Screener

Prioritize your strongest names and flavors – clearly and decisively. Move forward with purpose and confidence

Claims Screener

Confidently prioritize claims with most potential to motivate your consumers

Concept Accelerator

Our co-creative online Accelerator tools help clients pull qualitative and quantitative insights together, allowing the scale to make confident decisions. Utilizing video feedback and quantitative validation, we optimize, refine and clarify your content ensuring insight is grounded - allowing you to get it right first time.

Concept Evaluator

Our most comprehensive assessment to identify and optimize your concept(s). You'll receive in depth market research analysis gained from your target audience, helping you identify your strongest concept.


OmniPlus is fast paced audience research. Giving you the option to choose up to 12 questions of any type, on any FMCG or CPG subject – allowing you to understand the usage and attitudes of your target audience.

Claims Accelerator

Refine and optimize the wording of your claims to ensure they are motivating, relevant and believable to your target audience and save money on subsequent Claims Screening stages.

Range Explorer

When it comes to understanding your range, you need total clarity. A TURF often doesn't provide this and a full conjoint requires higher budgets and longer timescales. Range Explorer bridges this gap - identifying your optimal range and realistically showing which will maximize appeal, providing clarity on where you will steal from and how each of your SKUs are contributing.

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