Lengthy pack research is a thing of the past

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Sarah Smith

17 May, 2021 | 1 minute read

When it comes to packaging research, our clients are always working hard to develop packs that truly hit the sweet spot, delivering a consonant and holistic brand experience for consumers. Traditionally, this has been achieved through multiple-stage processes - whether it be lengthy qualitative research or more costly eye-tracking methods. But what if there was an easy-to-use online solution that provided agile insight in the packaging space?

What is Visual Attention Prediction?

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once believed to be a ‘thing of the future’, it is fast becoming a very real part of daily life - with the world of insights no exception. Specific to both concept and packaging testing, visual attention prediction was developed to decode the aspects attracting consumer attention. Machine learning algorithms trained on thousands of eye-tracking data sets predict the elements of the pack that are going to catch consumers attention (color intensity, color contrast, faces, edges etc.) The algorithm generates heat maps to illustrate the key areas receiving the most attention and gives you a prediction of the amount of attention for any area of interest.

3M® Visual Attention Software - heatmap and areas of interest examples >


Can Visual Attention Prediction Software provide a complete solution?

While visual attention prediction software is adept at gauging the sections of your stimuli that attracts the attention of the human eye, it doesn’t offer a complete explanation as to why.

To achieve the essential holistic approach, we have incorporated visual attention prediction into our agile packaging solution - ImPackt - utilizing the software by following an online survey calculating key diagnostic measures. Through a combination of our existing agile research tools and modern AI techniques, we provide clients with the ‘what’ from an advanced AI methodology alongside the ‘why’ from robust quantitative data.

For more information on our agile research toolkit and visual attention prediction software, get in touch!

This piece of software was tested and implemented by Nova, a brand new tech innovation platform from MMR Group. Find out more about Nova here.

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