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Simon Williams

19 May, 2021 | 1 minute read

There is no doubt that tech entrants to the agile market research space have brought a much-needed injection of new ideas and irreverence to an industry that was in danger of getting stale. Experience in an industry is a double-edged sword – all that knowledge can also foster an acceptance of status quo and familiar, safe boundaries.

MMR has been supporting FMCG/CPG manufacturers for over 30 years, and we have taken our sweet time developing Express, our own agile offer – but we wanted to do it right. It has been created in part to fill the gaps we see in the agile space, one of which is around the need for flexibility.

One common way in which savings in time and money can be made in agile research is through ultra-standardization of content, and this can lead to inflexible ‘one size fits all’ solutions. These solutions don’t reflect the reality we have seen over the years – that different companies have different preferences in how they want to measure consumer responses, and which measures are most important. Even a simple, elemental measure like Overall Opinion is measured using different scales for many of our biggest clients, so a single scale type could not satisfy all of them.

While part of achieving agile savings can be realized by clients being a little looser in how they want a study to be designed, getting your results expressed using consistent scales, such that they fit into your business is absolutely vital if you want to make the most of another key industry trend: Big Data. Study results need to fit into your existing infrastructure - or data ecosystem - to be truly useful. We offer that flexibility to generate insight, in a style that fits into your business.

In order to make savings, it is very important to focus content on your priorities – on the “need to know”, rather than the “nice to have”. We have seen how what is seen a “must” can vary between clients, and between different stages in the innovation cycle.

Our offering allows us to discuss your priorities, and then reflect them in the content - rather than us impose inflexible content upon you.

Flexible sample is important too. Clients are increasingly open to a broader sample definition - increasing the incidence rate can bring costs down and make fieldwork faster. However, there are times when you want a tighter sample, or to recruit against a segmentation or typologies you use in your business. We can offer this – without you needing to pay a set-up fee upfront.

We have still been able to use automation technology to limit human involvement to only where it really adds value, which means you benefit from our experience where it really counts. We offer flexibility on measures most clients agree are important, and we have been able to cut out the rest. We call this focused flexibility.

You might think that all this flexibility would have a knock-on impact on cost and time? Get in touch and enjoy browsing our new website. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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