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Simon Williams

17 May, 2021 | 1 minute read

Featuring our most comprehensive range of flexible tools, covering both online and face to face, Quant and Qual, anywhere in the world - Express has got you covered.

The market research industry has fortunately responded to demands on our CPG clients to get to market quickly, with both offerings and operations being reviewed to ensure cost and time efficiency. But we’re increasingly seeing our forward-thinking CPG clients looking to adapt their briefing and purchasing of consumer research, to further streamline the innovation process. We believe this offers exciting possibilities to drive agility even further!

Traditionally, it’s been typical to brief projects to multiple agencies as a means of driving cost competitiveness and provide access to fresh thinking. But a procurement process in which 75% of efforts briefing 4 potential agencies are wasted, is not efficient!

This dynamic is further augmented; as manufacturers look to reduce their fixed overhead liability with a need for more variable resource to fill the gaps and peaks.

As a result, procurement departments are now shifting away from transactional approaches, instead seeking to develop deeper relationships with a smaller set of suppliers, based on a greater spirit of partnership.

This creates an additional requirement for agile market research providers – to provide a complete range of tools that are relevant to a manufacturer’s entire innovation workstream. This helps foster a relationship of trust and deep client awareness across that workstream. It also means that such providers can be “method agnostic” – being able to select the right tool from a varied armory to properly solve a client’s specific issue – rather than force-fitting it into a limited, narrow, inflexible range, whether it meets the need or not. It drives efficiency across the whole process (both for the agency and the client) through time saved at the set up and briefing stage, as well as allowing deeper insights that are additive across the innovation journey.

Express features a wide range of flexible tools, covering both online and face to face, Quant and Qual, anywhere in the world. Our product testing and optimization tools offer genuine product trial, among consumers or expert sensory panelists.

The tools are designed to focus input from experienced researchers only where it adds most insight and value, using technology to automate the rest, to make the process efficient. This allows our researchers to act as an extension to your team and focus on implications for your business.

Wherever you are in the innovation cycle, we have methods to deliver clarity and direction – fast.

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