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Simon Williams

17 May, 2021 | 1 minute read

Talk to a real human being who understands the tools available, fundamental research principles, and your business. That comes as standard with Express.

In the late 20th century, a British telecommunication company used the tagline “It’s good to talk” in their advertising. The commercial environment has changed so much since, that you can buy pretty much anything you want without leaving your home, and without ever needing to talk to anyone. On the whole, it is pretty convenient.

However, this is not necessarily right for every situation; for example where there are several, and you want advice on which is right for you – or when the consequences of making the wrong choice would cost you time and money, or simply when you are extremely busy and don’t have the time and headspace to have to deal with it yourself.

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Buying an agile market research study is one of those situations that benefits from talking. If the pair of jeans bought online don’t fit, you can simply send them back to get either a refund or different size. If your research doesn’t give you what you need, your money and time is lost.

With Express – the new suite of agile tools from MMR - you can not only talk to a real human being, but one that really knows what they are talking about – who understands the tools available, fundamental research principles, and your business. That’s why our new research platform is staffed by experienced members of our research team – not with sales people.

In a recent blog, I talked about the flexibility that the Express tools offer to ensure that the projects are set up to reflect your priorities, rather than imposing a set of rigid content upon you. We guide you through the set-up process to make exploring these options, and achieving the optimal design for your study, easy.

This allows us to discuss all aspects openly, and for us to answer any questions and concerns you may have. As well as providing valuable guidance regarding stimulus, KPIs and sample composition.

Agile approaches can often present a series of trade-offs – you can save money and time by reducing survey content and/or sample size, or increasing incidence rate by loosening your sample definition etc. We feel it is vital that these trade-offs can be discussed transparently so you can make the choice that suits your resources and the right level of risk. You need to know what you will receive, with no nasty surprises at the end and be sure the approach progressed supports the business decision you need to make.

The same goes for receiving results!

We don’t just provide you with data. Analysis and recommendations are delivered by our expert research team who know your category and your business. And we can talk you through the findings, so you can hit the ground running with all your questions answered.

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