So Delicious: Names Screener

Assessing plant-based milk names

Danone's So Delicious brand was working on breakthrough innovation to address the taste barrier in plant-based beverages, by replicating dairy-like taste and texture. Positioning and believability at shelf were crucial for this product’s success, as Danone looked to differentiate from several similar products in the plant-based beverage space. The brand was looking to choose a name that would clearly communicate to consumers that this plant-based beverage would taste just like dairy-milk.

Danone so delicious almond milk


We used our Names & Flavors Screener to assess 10 names with over 500 consumers, quickly identifying which had the greatest potential, as well as alignment with brand positioning and relevance to target consumers.


Danone learned the top two performing names for the new So Delicious creamy dairy milk alternative, as well as how each name performed in relation to specific key measures, delivery of emotional and functional brand equities, and alignment with the overarching positioning.

This allowed Danone to fast-track this part of their innovation journey, with full confidence that they were prioritizing the best naming options.

Danonewave so delicious bioplastics platbased bottle packaging

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