Quorn: Range Explorer

Quorn up-the-ante in meat-free innovation

Quorn has been a leader in the European and US meat free market for almost 20 years.

With a number of new competitors entering the scene in recent times, Quorn reached out to Express to help build and optimize their innovation pipeline, shaping the launch of the ‘Quorn Makes Amazing!’ sub-brand.

Quorn makes peri


We first used our ImPackt solution to optimize the branding, assessing different naming routes and pack designs to identify a clear direction for the sub-brand.

We also used our fast and flexible Range Explorer solution to prioritize the SKUs for launch, revealing which combination of products would be most incremental.


At each stage of the journey, Quorn received clear guidance on how to maximize the success of the sub-brand, which launched to coincide with the ever popular Veganuary movement in January 2021.

Quorn makes turkish

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