Nando's: Claims Screener

Identifying the winning claims combo

Nando’s range of supermarket sauce products has limited pack space in which to communicate product claims. The brand team was looking to make their hot sauce and mayonnaise pack designs consistent across multiple markets, without creating barriers to purchase.

Nandos peri peri sauce vusa


Claims Screener was up to this challenge. We spoke to over 2000 consumers in 5 key markets, asking them to assess a total of 24 claims.

This allowed Nando’s to understand which claims were driving consumer decisions in each market, and identified consistencies in claims that were motivating across multiple markets.


We were able to deliver very clear recommendations on which leading and secondary product claims should be used in each market for maximum impact and minimum risk.

Nando’s also received more detailed information on which of the claims were considered new and different, as well as overall appeal and purchase intent.

Nandos perinaise

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