Heinz Ketchup: Product Accelerator

Assessing product performance

Heinz was looking to understand how their famous ketchup performed against 2 key competitors in Brazil, while also gaining valuable optimization guidance through both quant and qual approaches, to ensure product excellence.

Heinz tomato ketchup bottle


We used our co-creative Product Accelerator tool, while also utilizing MMR’s Session HUT approach. This blend of approaches allowed us to conduct and moderate in-home usage tests with over 250 consumers, with MMR’s product testing experts on hand through our interactive MMR Connect platform.

This platform also allowed Heinz to view consumer reactions in real-time and gave them the option to select specific consumers of interest for follow-up in-depth interviews and focus groups.


Heinz discovered that their product significantly outperformed competitors on both taste and preference, while gaining additional feedback from consumers for optimization tweaks which could improve the product even further.

All of these findings were delivered through a collaborative workshop after fieldwork, meaning they had the clarity and confidence on next steps in just one day.

Ketchup tomato hot dog

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