Danone: Flavor Screener

Uncovering coffee creamer potential

Danone was looking to identify which coffee creamer flavors had the greatest potential to attract consumers to the So Delicious brand, and increase purchase frequency.

They were seeking to identify the flavors that offered the highest appeal, had the most potential to increase purchase frequency and store traffic, and convey intended emotional and functional equities.

Product so delicious coconut creamer


OurFlavors Screener was perfect for this challenge, so we recruited over 250 target consumers to assess 10 different potential flavors.

We were able to identify which flavors had the greatest potential, as well as providing focus and optimization guidance for ongoing product development.


Danone learned which flavor to move forward with, as one performed significantly ahead of the others on both instinctive appeal and purchase intent, displaying advantages versus an existing in-market flavor.

Additionally, it was identified that the winning flavor would also take the brand in a more exciting direction.

So delicious coffee creamer

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