Chicago Town: Ideas Screener

Identifying pizza potential

Following the successful relaunch of Chicago Town in 2019, the brand knew that it needed constant innovation to keep consumers engaged.

Chicago Town wanted to explore a number of new innovation ideas for the brand, to scope out their potential and ensure fit to brand positioning.

Chicago town tiger crust pizza


We used our fast and flexible Ideas Screener to assess 28 new ideas against 2 existing benchmarks, with over 750 consumers.

Tapping into intuitive reactions as well as more considered responses allowed for robust ranking of all 30 ideas, while identifying the performance of key measures as well as guidance on how each idea could be optimized.


We identified a consistent top performer which performed at parity with the benchmarks, had strong brand fit and the potential to offer a more unique and appealing experience.

We were also able to advise on which other ideas could be worth exploring and optimizing for further testing.

Chicago town pizza slice

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