Almond Breeze: Claims Screener

Brand expansion in key markets

Almond Breeze was looking to expand their brand of milk alternatives within strategic markets (South Africa, Spain, Australia, and Japan), by developing Almond and Oat Almond milk blends. They were looking to identify the strongest brand positioning and product claims that were most motivating to encourage consumers to try or buy the products.

Blue diamond almond breeze plant milk


Using our Claims Screener tool, over 500 consumers were recruited per market to assess 11 product claims, via an online survey.

Through this approach, we were able to identify the claims with greatest potential for success, as well as those most strongly aligned with brand positioning and relevance to the product target audience.


Of all the claims tested, one really stood out to consumers across all markets.

Almond Breeze received clear, actionable recommendations to support both brand positioning and comms strategies, as well as secondary considerations for their creative brief and launch plan.

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